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Tailor Threads


 Machine and Hand Sewing Threads
 Hand Finishing Waxed Skeins
 AMF Machine threads - Button & Deco Pick Stitching
Sewing Threads Cotton  Soft and Glazed Finish Cotton Sewing Threads
  Linen  Soft and Glazed Finish Linen Sewing Threads
  Nylon & Polyester  Soft and Bonded Nylon & Polyester Sewing Threads
  Spun Polyester  Spun Polyester Sewing Threads
  Linen  Soft and Glazed Finish Linen Sewing Threads
  Monofilament  Monofilament Sewing Thread - all sizes on SH King spools
  Leno Selvage  Leno Salvage yarns for air-jet high speed weaving


For anyone requiring glace finish sewing thread, or leno selvage yarns for weaving, New Bedford Thread is the superior choice for quality and service. In particular, New Bedford Thread is regarded as the preeminent manufacturer and distributor of glaced cotton thread for the manufacture of fur garments. Similarly, we are also the preeminent manufacturer of glaced finish cotton yarns for use in leno devices of air jet weave machines.

New Bedford Thread currently glaces all counts of cotton Yarns, from 94/2 ply to 8/6 ply. We  wind all of these yarns on a variety of put ups, from 1/2 ounce single head spools, 1 ounce single end spools (wood) and up to  4 lb. knotless king spools. We also offer Linen Thread in a wide variety of put ups - in soft - glazed and waxed finishes.

 New Bedford Thread also supplies a wide range of synthetic threads, in spun polyester, soft and bonded continuous filament polyester and soft and bonded Nylon in all sizes and put ups. New Bedford Thread Co. also produces specialty sewing threads for the AMF button sewing machine in #3 and # 4 BST - Series 9994; as well as the AMF bonded sizes "A", "CC" and "F" in Deco-Pick stitch skein threads, series 3405. New Bedford Thread Co. also produces the sizes "A", "C" and #10 waxed hand sewing skein tailoring threads.

New Bedford Thread produces a full line of tailoring threads for the manufacturing trade, as well as the tailor repair and alteration trade. For a list of or products click on the various buttons on Our Web page.